Ø Mold odors (See Mold & Mildew)
Ø Cigarette smoke odor in vehicles, homes, clothes, campers & furniture
​Ø Fire smoke odor in homes, commercial buildings, clothes, furniture & other enclosed areas and personal possessions
Ø HVAC drain pans
Ø Musty odors in basements
Ø Cat urine odor
Ø Dog urine and dander odor & eliminates Provo
Ø Skunk odor
Ø Sewage odors
Ø Dead animal odors
Ø Book mold and its’ odors
Ø New paint odor
Ø Air duct system molds and odors
Ø Hunting gear scent and odors
​Ø Wetsuit odor
Ø Burnt/Rotten food including fish/shellfish/meat/poultry/eggs/spices and other odors
Ø Sport/Work protective gear and shoe odors & eliminates MRSA
Ø Locker room odors & eliminates MRSA
Ø Gym facilities/shower/locker & equipment odors & eliminates MRSA
Ø Trailers/Campers carpet & furniture Formaldehyde odors
Ø Auto/bus/truck/tractor/RV gasoline & diesel odor
Ø Hotel/Home liquor odor
Ø Nursing Home odors
Ø Health Care facility odors
Ø Public/Portable toilet odors
Ø Public transportation odors
Ø House Boat/Yacht diesel, bilge, and head odors
Ø Oil Field Industry/ H2s gas emissions, crude oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, gasoline & other petroleum odors
Ø Incense odors
Ø Marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, opium, hashish & many other narcotic odors
Ø Crime scene odors
Ø Military/Law Enforcement vehicle, body armor, gear & personal cell odors
Ø Fire Dept./vehicle, body gear odors & eliminates MRSA

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