Property Owners & Management Companies

All of us are concerned about germs, mildew, and odours in our homesrental properties and commercial leased properties

Real Estate Professionals

Are You a Real Estate Agent Looking for Permanent Answers to Remove Smoke and Other Difficult Odours In Your Property Listing or For Your Buyers Inspection?

Sports & Recreational Equipment

Think of all of the conditions there are for bacteria to multiply and develop into horrendous smells in your sports facility, equipment and recreational apparel - potentially serious pathogens that can cause severe sickness or even death.

Autos, RVs & Boats

One thing that any ownerrental company or dealership that own, rent or resell cars, trucks, mini vans, RV’s, boats and (even) planes can’t tolerate... a vehicle that smells bad!

Health Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities like surgical centers and doctor’s and dentist’s offices are hot beds of bacteria!

Hotel, Motel, Resorts and B&Bs

If anyone needed the results that the OdourGone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System can deliver, it would be the hotel, motel, resort and bed & breakfast business.