​"We have come to depend on OdourGone for the removal of smoke, pet and other tough odours in our vehicles.  We have tried many other 'packaged' odour removal products in house, but none get the same results.  It use to be challenging to move vehicles that came to our dealership smelling of smoke, pet or strong odours.. but not anymore. OdourGone makes it easy and convenient for us now.  Well worth the price we pay for their services! I would recommend them to any dealership".

Jason Jenkins
Cars R Us Limited,
Lower Sackville, NS

residence Inn2

​Our hotel had a room that had a persistent smoke odour from one of our guests.  Our cleaning staff made several attempts at different times, using various cleaning products and methods to remove the odour with no success.  I called OgourGone and with one two hour treatment the odour was completely eliminated and did not return. We no longer commit unnecessary staff hours trying to eliminate odours that from experience we will not be successful. OdourGone is now our go to company for the removal of stubborn smells and odours."

John Beighton
​Maintenance Manager
Marriott Residence Inn,
​Halifax, NS

Chateau Bedford

"Our hotel prides itself on guests having an enjoyable stay. A number of times, guests have left odours in our rooms that our staff could not remove. Recently we had several rooms where the ozone machine failed to rid the odour. I was reluctant to use the ozone machine as it constantly requires my time to check it so as to avoid overuse or damage to the materials in the room and I am uncertain as to the health affects it may have with me going in and out of the room.
Last time we had a strong odour we called OdourGone. Within two hours they were successful in removing an odour that neither myself or the ozone machine could do. Not only that, by using an outside company, I did not put myself or my staff at risk .

From here on in, I will call on OdourGone to handle all our odour problems in our hotel rooms so that I will be confident that our guests will continue to enjoy their stay and not go elsewhere."

Dwayne Upshaw.
Chief Engineer
Chateau Bedford,
Bedford, NS

A Regional Car Dealership

We had a car in our inventory that had a strong smell of cigarette smoke.  We were concerned that we would not be able to return that car to our lot.  We called OdourGone and they promptly responded.  Within one hour of their treatment, the cigarette smoke was gone.  Two weeks later, still no odour and since then the car has been sold.  When it comes to these strong odours, we will always call on OdourGone.  I highly recommend them to dealerships or car owners alike.

Sales Manager