Why Chlorine Dioxide & What is It?

Chlorine dioxide, discovered in 1811, is so amazing in its usefulness to mankind that it should be considered a gift from God himself! It has an unbelievable amount of uses. Chlorine dioxide- (CLo2) is NOT bleach!

It’s strong enough to Eliminate mans mortal enemies (such as Ebola, mold, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, MRSA, Hantavirus, plus malodors too) yet when dissipated it leaves nothing behind but an undetectable simple salt. It leaves everything that it touches and penetrates sterile too.

Remember the Ebola outbreaks in the past and all of the dire news in the press? Did you notice we haven’t heard much about it lately? Well that’s due to them using chlorine dioxide to battle it successfully.

Chlorine dioxide, (CLo2), is more effective than ozone because it is 800 times smaller and because of this it can penetrate substances much further. You can fit 800 Clo2 molecules in 1 ozone molecule! It is also safer than ozone. It doesn’t harm foam, plastics or rubber like ozone.

CLo2 is the only known substance that can safely eliminate anthrax and was used by the federal government to sterilize the capital building and the affected post office. It’s used by municipalities to treat drinking water and is used by grocery stores to spray on the vegetables to keep them fresh and bacteria free.

Up to this point CLO2 was used mainly in large commercial applications but fortunately a company has emerged from many years and perfect its use for smaller applications such as homes, vehicles and businesses. CLO2 uses are almost endless. We can now safely sterilize flooded structures and eliminate mold, bacteria/viruses/odors completely and even denature allergens for allergy sufferers!

Today tested /precise application and safe critical delivery system have been developed, that makes this CLO2 and the patent delivery system uniquely effective. Approved applicators have been trained extensively in its use and can now offer it to help clients solve their problems.

To date there is no comparable system out there in the marketplace.

​- Restoration Service Company, Colorado Springs, CO

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